Welcome to This website is devoted to the relationship model developed by Matthew called The CEME Model ©  (Communication, Empathy, Mindfulness, and Effort)Used to bring focus and clarity to the therapeutic experience; the CEME Model ©  is used as a conceptual tool that explores communication styles, belief structures, the components of mindfulness, resistance, and effort as interdependent pieces of a whole. Treating relationship based issues in this way allows us to deconstruct them by determining if the issue(s) are related to a breakdown in communication, a lack of empathic connectivity & awareness, mindlessness, or effort / follow-through.  Once this is clear we move to identify the patterns and beliefs the issue(s) represent; then we explore and implement treatment strategies all the while assessing for effectiveness and resistance to change.

Once you change everything around you changes.

*** Please note this site contains only brief descriptions and explanations of the theory behind the

model (CEME ©) and it’s application.  For more information or to make an appointment please use

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